Hunting for Buried Treasure Successful Grant Writing Powerpoint 2009 This powerpoint provides step by step directions in order to write a grant.

[[First Century Learning]] This link provides a resource to the framework of a grant. The website has detailed conclusive information on what a 21st century education includes in today's society.

[Eagles ]Compared to a lot of the other grant writing websites, this gives nineteen points in condensed version. It also has more grantwriting and funding resources on this pages.

[] Ten elements that winning grant proposals have in common.

[Playgrounds] Grant writing exhibits in order to receive playground equipment and training. It also includes links to websites of successful grant writers.

[Grants] Copies of successful grant proposals that have received awarded funds. This page also includes tips and links to available grants for grades K-12.

[ALEX] Alabama Learning Exchange, includes many helpful links for how to write a grant as well as many grant opportunities.

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