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Welcome to the Teacher Tech Funding Resources WikiEdit

This Wiki was created by students in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama including:

Megan Simmons , Lisa May , Christina Henson and Neely Courtney

Please click on the names above to visit our blogs and see what else we've created this semester!

The purpose of this wiki is to provide educators a resource for equipping and funding their 21st century classrooms. Please help us learn by sharing how you use technology in your classroom and how you find the money to do it!

Tools To Enhance Every Classroom will be a discussion page on what technology is most useful in the classroom. It will include reviews of products and ideas on how to get the most out use out of the funding you have.

Grant Writing Tips will provide links and helpful hints on how to write a winning grant.

Where to Find Funding will be a place to share links to organizations and corporations that award grants or otherwise provide funding to teachers.

Free Tech is a page for sharing free technology and programs to enhance your teaching cost free.

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