Donors Choose is a website that brings together educators and donors. To participate you simply write up what project you need funded, submit it to the website and respond to e-mails from donors. Once your project has been funded you fill out a thank you package for your donors to show them how you used the money.

Technology Grant News provides an extensive index of available grants and stories about other teachers who have successfully funded their high-tech classrooms.

Fund For Teachers Need training on the technology you want for your classroom? Fund for teachers provides grants for teachers to continue learning.

[Central] This webpage has MULTIPLE websites that can help you obtain grants for your PE Class. It also includes links to fundraising opportunities.

[One Laptop Per Child] One Laptop Per Child is a website that provides laptops for children in low income areas all around the world. Their company has made a laptop for the cost of about $188 per laptop per child.

[Gym In My School] The NFL will give a middle school a $25,000 grant for PE. The recipient school will also get to host a pep rally where an NFL team will attend along with its cheerleaders.

[Grants and Scholarships] This website has MULTIPLE resources for music grants and scholarships for your school.

[EHow] Grants for Art Projects

[] Foreign Language Grant for K-12 and charter schools that want to teach Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and languages in the Indic, Iranian, and Turkic language families.

[ACCESS] Are you a teacher or administrator in the state of Alabama? Learn how you can offer courses from other schools to students at your school with ACCESS assistance. You may also qualify for financial assistance for technology to teach the online courses at your school.

[] Teaching American History grant. Open to US History school teachers.

[] How to get a Cafeteria grant for your school.

[Vernier] Math and Science grants for your classroom

Funds Net Services Links to several corporate grant sites.

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